Paul Endres
Paul Endres, FAIA SE LEED AP
University of California, Berkeley, CA     M.A. Architecture   |   M.S. Structural Engineering
University of Illinois, Champaign, IL    B.S. Civil Engineering

Reaching across the lines that segregate professions, Paul both designs buildings and perfects innovative structural concepts, carrying Endrestudio projects from inception to built form, and collaborating with other designers to achieve their visions.

His projects include private residences, pedestrian bridges, science museums, and schools, and he has pioneered structural concepts such as a torquing spiral helix, ziggurat bar stair designs, floating roofs of cable and wood, and glass bridges. Paul’s design merges philosophical, architectural, and engineering processes into projects that perform with elegance and simplicity.

In addition to being a licensed architect, civil engineer, and structural engineer in multiple states, Paul held the Morgenstern Chair at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, where he lectured and conducted a design studio refining his work on structure and space.

Dave Campbell
Dave Campbell, PE, RA
Project Manager
University of California, Berkeley, CA     M. Architecture
Cal Poly, San Luis Obsipo, CA    B.S. Civil Engineering

Dave is a designer and educator working at the seam of architecture, engineering, and computation. He is interested in testing the role that computational methods can play in improving collaboration between designers and builders to achieve remarkable spaces. He is as likely to be casting fabric shells as he is to be scripting dynamic ribbing based on isostatic stress contours. His work at endrestudio encompasses a variety of scales and typologies and involves concept development, technical exploration, visualization, construction administration, and project management.